Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size vehicle do you have?

A: We have one (2) Toyota Hiace Commuter busses which seats 14 people (including the driver). Only 12 x passengers per bus, no passengers in front seat with drivers.

Q: Can you handle large amounts of luggage?

A: Yes, we have a luggage trailer that can be towed by our minibus (at no extra charge). Trailer used for 7 or more passengers.

Q: What parts of Perth does Happy Go Lucky cover?

A: We cover Perth CBD and Perth Northern Suburbs.

Q: Do you provide baby seats / child seats?

A: Yes, we have 2 x Baby Seats + 2 x Booster Seats (with approved anchor points).
By law we are not required to provide baby / child seats. Children aged 7-16 years are required to wear a seatbelt, children under 7 years of age are not required to wear a seatbelt in a vehicle with 12 or more seats (for example you don’t wear seatbelts when you travel on a Transperth Bus). Children under 12 months may sit on a parents lap.
We do however have 2 x baby car seats (suitable birth – 4 years) and 2 x booster seats (suitable 4-7 years) available on request at no extra charge.

Q: Do you have set rates that you charge for Charter Services?

A: No, as each charter requirement is different, we have to work out rates according to your requirements. Please contact us and we’ll do our best to offer you the cheapest rate possible (and we are happy to beat any other quote you’ve been given – quote must be provided to us in writing).

Q: Do you have set fares that you charge for Airport Transfers?

A: Yes, please see our Airport Transfers page for our current fares for various Perth Northern Suburbs.

Q: How do I make a booking?

A: Complete an online booking form or quote form or call us on 0438 930 257 during business hours or contact us via email address

Q: Can our group be collected from different addresses?

A: Yes. But please inform us of this when booking as it helps plan your charter more accurately. Additional charges apply.

Q: What is the hourly rate to hire the driver and vehicle?

A: The hourly rate is from $80.00 per hour.

Q: Do you provide refreshments for clients?

A: To ensure the cleanest bus possible we do not allow the consumption of food or alcohol in the bus.

Q: Can I change my booking?

A: Where possible changes can be made up to 3 days before charter date, dependent on availability. Please notify our office by phone or email of any alterations to booking.

Q: Are there late fees?

A: Where the booking party is the cause of any delay on the charters return an hourly charge of $80 will be made.  Delays due to Traffic, weather or mechanical delays are covered by the quoted price.

Q: Are there cancellation fees?

A: Yes, where the booking of a Tour has been made and paid for in full a cancellation fee will occur. Cancellations made within 7 days of departure – 25% of reservation cost. All refunds will be made within 7 days of notice of cancellation and paid into your preferred account less the cancellation fee.
If a booking has been made and a deposit paid, the deposit will be forfeited for cancellations within a week of the booked date.

Q: What happens if there is a delay?

A: Sometimes it does occur through no one’s fault that a trip may be delayed. Some delays such as bad weather, heavy traffic and vehicle accidents cannot be scheduled for. If an alternative route is available our driver will choose the fastest route to your destination.
In no way are Happy Go Lucky Tour and Charters responsible for missed concerts, bookings, appointments, flights or other time sensitive events.
It is advised that all travelers take precautions to protect themselves from financial loss due to missed or cancelled tickets/ bookings, and when booking our service allow a reasonable time window to complete the journey.

Q: Travel Conditions and Safety

A: Some tours offered by Happy Go Lucky Tour and Charters may need to satisfy certain weather conditions in order to operate safely and we will not be held liable if a tour is unavailable or cancelled in the event that weather conditions are unsatisfactory.

Passenger safety is of paramount importance to us and we endeavour to ensure safe transport at all times. We will not be held liable for any damage, injury, or loss, of any kind, caused by, or resulting from, any act or omission by employees, agents or contractors.

Happy Go Lucky Tour and Charters does not accept any liability for delay, injury, loss, mechanical defects. Alterations may arise due to road conditions or other reasons. The Tour Operators reserve the right to alter the tour itinerary without notice or as deemed necessary. The Tour Operators take no responsibility for the provision of other Tour Operators services or any incident or injury as a result of a service provided for by another agent.

Q: Travel Insurance

A: Happy Go Lucky Tour and Charters strongly recommend that all passengers take out their own travel insurance policy covering personal liability, tour cancellation, missed connections, loss of luggage and personal effects, etc. Happy Go Lucky Tour and Charters will not accept any liability for the above stated.

Q: What is an Omnibus?

A: Any vehicle operating for Hire and Reward is required by the Western Australian Government to be licensed as an Omnibus.

Q: Do you hold an Omnibus Licence?

A: Yes, without one you cannot be used for tour and charter work where passengers pay a fare. We hold a Charter Vehicle Licence, which includes both passenger tours and passenger charters in a vehicle with 12 or more passenger seats.

Q: Is an Omnibus a Taxi?

A: No, we are not a Taix. In general, omnibuses may NOT operate from taxi ranks or be used to ply for hire or tout on roads or other public places for the purpose of attracting customers or passengers.
The omnibus industry is generally restricted to operating pre-booked, pre-agreed and pre-organised tours and charters.

Q: I left my phone (wallet, suitcase, child) on your bus!

A: Happy Go Lucky is in no way responsible for property brought into or left in any of our vehicles.
If an item is left on the bus and happens to be found by one of our staff it will be held in our lost property department at head office for collection once a description can be made confirming ownership.
If travelling in a large group it is best that everyone is responsible for their own items and once every passenger has alighted at the destination that one person is nominated to final check the vehicle.  We accept no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to personal belongings or baggage while on any of our tours.

Q: Can I hire your bus and drive it myself?

A: No. We don’t rent out our busses.

Q: Do prices include the driver?

A: All quoted prices include the driver for the duration of your charter.

Q: What if I cancel my Airport Transfer last minute or on the spot?

A: No refunds for last minute cancellations.